Present Products

Weight (In GMS) Application
13.35gms 200ml, 250ml CSD & Juices
22.10gms 500ml, 600ml CSD & Juices

Upcoming Products

Weight (In GMS) Application
11.80gms 180-200ml CSD & Juices
12.50gms 200ml CSD & Juices
21.00gms 1000ml Water
  • All Above Preforms are available in Clear & Green.
  • Dosing unit and Color is used from Colormatrix.

Advantages of HUSKY Preforms

  • Produces Preforms having world’s lowest AA levels suitable for beverage application.
  • Highly sophisticated system using only VIRGIN PET Resin.
  • Accurate Thread Finish, for better Closure Fitting.
  • Uniform Wall Thickness and excellent Surface Finish.
  • Light Split Lines on Preforms, Better Finish ld Bottles.
  • No human interfaces till Preforms are packed making it highly hygienic.
  • High accuracy & consistency of Preforms.
  • Tighter tolerances of weight & wall thickness of performs, helps the bottler to run his filling line at higher speed without wastage.
  • Eco-friendliness as machine has the lowest carbon foot-print in line.
  • Un-interrupted power supply & reliability of Husky Machine & Mold ensures least wastages.

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